-Daily and Friday Prayers (2 Friday Prayers)
-Funeral services (we make arrangements, No Ghusl facilities)
-Food bank
-Zakat distribution
-Religious classes
-Youth programs
-Women’s programs (fitness, halaqah, Quraan Class)
-Seniors programs (no specific program yet)
-Family programs (family night)
-New Muslims program (basic – interaction, integration, literature, counselling, )
-Full-time school (Hifz only)
-Evening/Weekend school
-Sports/recreation activities (Basket ball, table Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton, Cricket,
-Banquet hall (Rental for social events – not upscale, currently used as Gym as well)
-Gym (more for sporting activities, no weights or exercising equipment)
-Meeting room (basic – limited to about 20 people)
-Community dinner (We do have a Monthly Family night where all are welcomed)
-Other (annual family fair, BBQ, Dinners,

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