News Release: Canadian-Muslim Organizations in Peel Region Unite to Denounce the Belgium Attacks

The Muslim Council of Peel unequivocally denounces all terror attacks. MCP members stand united as Canadian-Muslim organizations in Peel Region to express our deepest sorrow for the lives lost and the persons hurt in the attacks on Tuesday in Belgium.

MCP is confident that local authorities are actively monitoring public places to prevent any extremist backlash.

The Council calls on youth services, law enforcement and public safety to collaborate on innovative grassroots initiatives to support youth and young adults who feel impacted by  violence and oppression in our local communities. In the meantime, MCP asks all adults to openly communicate with children and youth about such traumatic events.

“We are appealing to our local educators, counsellors and parents to help children and youth discuss what they are seeing on social media and in the news. It is especially important that children and youth feel they can express their opinions in safe and constructive ways. We as adults should engage them in creating the  understanding that some individuals resort to terror and violence to advance a cause, and that we must always stand united for peaceful and just resolution to conflicts. The acts of a few do not represent all Muslims and Islam in any way,” states Rabia Khedr, MCP Executive Director.




Rabia Khedr,  Executive Director

MCP-Muslim Council of Peel




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