Muslim Council of Peel: Post-Election Statement

November 4th, 2015

The Muslim Council of Peel offers its heartiest congratulations to all
candidates and voters who took part in the October 19 federal election.
Civic engagement programs to educate Canadians, voter participation and
grassroots candidate campaigns all contributed to a higher voter turn-out.
We thank you for your efforts. We commend all of your leadership and
commitment to serving our community and
country. The work to build the Canada we all desire is just beginning. We
ask everyone to continue the momentum and fully participate in the years
ahead to ensure policies and programs respond to the needs of all Canadians.
We ask newly elected Members of Parliament to work with residents and
organizations to combat injustice, discrimination, and Islamophobia. We are
available to offer advice, input and support to our Members of Parliament in
Peel Region any time when called upon. We hope that this government succeeds
in bringing forward economic
prosperity, reducing poverty, fighting crime and eliminating violence in our
society so that all Canadians live in peace and harmony with one
another. May God Almighty support our new government in being a strong,
fair, compassionate and just government.  Ameen.