MCP calls on all Imams to affirm the duty to vote
For Immediate Release-The Muslim Council of Peel (MCP) calls on all Imams to affirm the duty to vote.

For Immediate Release -
The Muslim Council of Peel (MCP) calls on all Imams to affirm the duty to vote.
15 Prominent Imams in Peel Region unite to appeal to their congregants to vote on October 19.

October 14, 2015 - Mississauga
Islam is demonstrated through universal compassion, fairness and justice.
As Muslims, we are required to contribute to society where everyone benefits.  We are obligated to effect positive change.  Therefore, we have a
responsibility to vote. As Canadian citizens, we want global peace, want to alleviate the current
refugee crisis; want a prosperous economy; want to improve the quality of
life of our First Nations people, seniors, persons with disabilities, and youth; want to combat violence against women; etc.  The electoral process is
the greatest means in Canada to ensure our opinions count.  Consequently, it
is every Muslim's civic and religious duty to vote. We are commanded by God Almighty through his words in the Quran to work in cooperation with all people against injustice, discrimination, and
xenophobia.  Our vote is our most powerful tool to elect the right representatives.  If we want our charter rights protected including gender,
racial and religious equality for us and our future generations, then we
have to vote on October 19. We, as Imams in the Region of Peel, stand together to affirm that Muslims
are obligated to vote.  We pray that our future government works for
economic prosperity and elimination of poverty, crime and violence in our society so that all Canadians live in peace and harmony with one another.
May God Almighty bring a strong, fair, compassionate and just government forward on October 19.  Ameen.

Signed by: Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Alnadvi,  Dr. Hamid Slimi, Sheikh Zahir Arshad
Bacchus, Sh. Jaffer H. Jaffer, Sheikh Faraz Rabbani, Imam Mohamed Nafis
Bhayat, Hafiz Faizan-ul Haq, Hafiz Muhammed Ishaq Faridu, Hafiz Asim, Sheikh
Alaa Elsayed, Dr. Saeed Faizi Nadvi, Sheikh Suleiman, Sheikh Mohammad Qazi,
Imam Habeeb Alli and Ayub Hamid

Rabia Khedr
Interim Executive Director
MCP-Muslim Council of Peel

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