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Peel Regional Police Muslim Chaplain and Family with Disabled Son Denied Entry to US and Muslim Council of Peel (MCP) Very Concerned

Brampton-August 20, 2019

Shaykh Imran Ally, Muslim Chaplain with Peel Regional Police and Imam of the TARIC Islamic Centre is a long-standing resident of Brampton. He was refused entry into the US with his family yesterday.

“We were going to attend a wedding which I was to speak at and take a mini family vacation,” stated the Imam. “It was an ordeal to be detained for over 5 hours and not knowing what was going to happen. We have a son, Yusuf, with a developmental disability and severe medical complexities who did not understand what we were subjugated to and was agitated the entire time being forced to remain in a small area. We are still trying to recover from this traumatic experience.” stated the Imam.

Imam Shaykh Ally further stated that his wife and his sons traveled to the USA numerous times in the past without having any issues.

Imam Shaykh Ally and his wife Kameeza hold Yusuf’s Day of Hope, an annual community event to raise funds for the Hospital for Sick Children. He is also the Honorary Chair of an advisory council with DEEN Support Services, a charity serving people with disabilities.

“Such experiences are an unfortunate reality that many Muslims, particularly Imams, face as a result of Islamophobia. What is especially concerning in this case is the fact that Yusuf, so vulnerable to begin with, was put in this situation,” states Rabia Khedr, MCP Executive Director.



Rabia Khedr, MA

Executive Director
MCP-Muslim Council of Peel
Twitter @mcpeel4u

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