April 21, 2017-Mississauga

     We are deeply disturbed by the recent rise of hate motivated incidents in Ontario and particularly Peel Region. As Canadians, we value our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and human rights laws. We have the freedom to practice our faith and have the right to reasonable accommodation to observe our faith in a free and democratic society.

     No faith leader or congregant in a place of worship should feel targeted or threatened in our community or anywhere else in the world. No church, gurdwara, mandir, mosque, synagogue, temple or any other religious sanctuary should be under threat, terrorized or vandalized.

     We condemn any form of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and xenophobia. We call on worshipers observing prayer services this week to pray to eradicate hate and religious intolerance amongst our midst. We call on diverse faith leaders to stand together in solidarity and speak-out firmly against all forms of hate. We expect that our law enforcement will bring those responsible for in sighting or promoting hate to justice promptly.


Rabia Khedr, MA

Executive Director

MCP-Muslim Council of Peel