For Immediate Release: Muslim Community Calls on Andrew Scheer to Immediately Remove Mississauga Streetsville Candidate, Ghada Melek.

Mississauga-August 2, 2019

The Muslim Council of Peel, MCP, calls on the federal conservative leader Andrew scheer to remove candidate Ghada Melek immediately. To give credibility to his party’s commitment to inclusion, it is imperative that he demonstrate due diligence as a result of recent reports of Islamophobia and xenophobia.

“Muslim community leaders in Peel are very concerned that Ghada Melek’s problematic views are being met with silence from leader Andrew Scheer and the Federal Conservative Party,” said Imam Ibrahim Hindy, MCP Acting President.

MCP executive director, Rabia Khedr stated, “The community has not forgotten her most recent attempt at spreading Islamophobia through a letter writing campaign she led against an awareness raising initiative in Mississauga involving paid ads on buses.”