July 24, 2018-Mississauga

After a roller coaster of emotions shared with all Canadians in the last 36 hours, Canadian-Muslims mourn the senseless loss of life, try to come to terms with the added fact that the shooter was a Canadian-Muslim and appeal for help and healing. He was a man deeply disturbed and unstable living with a psychosis battling mental illness whose family sought all necessary supports and interventions.

“Mental illnesses can debilitate people’s minds and capacity to act rationally. There is a lack of funding and gaps in services which result in individuals not getting the help they urgently need. Like all communities, the Muslim community has its share of mental health issues and we need to talk about it more. The Muslim Council of Peel (MCP) is calling on Imams to dedicate this Friday’s sermon to this tragedy and raise awareness about mental illness,” states Rabia Khedr, a disability rights activist and Executive Director of MCP.

MCP member Dawanet is leading a coordinated effort by Muslim charities to raise funds for victims. “We feel helpless at times like this and want to do something tangible to support victims. We urge everyone to give generously,” appeals Arif Zia, President of Dawanet.


“We fear backlash from fringe elements of society, who will pin blame of this horrific shooting on the backs of an entire community by virtue of the shooters name. We pray that survivors find peace and healing in time. Canadians are strong and come together in difficult times,” states Imam Ibrahim Hindy, MCP Board member.



Rabia Khedr

Executive Director